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Doctor: We can remove the crayon, it could vastly improve your brain power, or it could possibly kill you.
Homer: Hmm, increase my killing power eh?

Homer: Hey Apu, give me some of that beer with Skittles in it, ya know, Skittlebrau.
Apu: Mr Homer, such a product does not exist. I believe you must have dreamed it.
Homer: Ok then just give me a pack of Duff and some Skittles.

Lenny: Geez Homer, I would have thought a guy with two wives would be happy.
Carl: No, you're thinking of someone with two knives.
Moe: (standing with two knives) I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. hahaha YEA!

Marge: (phone rings) Hello?
Homer: Marge, I just realized, I am the ow, in the word now....and if you tell anyone...
Marge: Homer I like it when you call, but we just spoke 5 minutes ago...hang on I've got call waiting. Hello?
Homer: Hey, its me, I've got Marge on the other line, and she is really bumming me out.